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Improving Your Home Landscaping

Few things are more frustrating than a messy front yard. In addition to disrupting your curb appeal, overgrown, messy landscaping can also harbor pests and make it look like you don't care about your property. Fortunately, tidying up your yard doesn't have to be difficult. I have spent years learning more about landscaping, and this blog is all about how to become a landscaping enthusiast. Check out these articles about fun topics like planting flowers, perfecting pruned trees, and decorating your yard with whimsical additions. After you know more about landscaping, your yard might become the talk of the town.


Improving Your Home Landscaping

    Landscape Your Property For Optimized Value And Energy Efficiency

    As a homeowner, you are likely always looking for ways to improve your energy efficiency and increase your property value. While expensive renovations are one way to achieve these goals, there are several affordable and enjoyable things you can do to get the results you want. Consider using one or more of the following ideas for optimized property value and household energy efficiency: Build a Living Fence Line Instead of installing a fence around the perimeter of your property, consider building a fence line with living plants.

    4 Backyard Landscape Tips To Create A Family-Friendly Rental Unit

    As a landlord, you want to do everything you can to attract the types of good quality renters that you want. If you want a pool of stable, long-term renting families, it's key to consider what you can do to make your rental home more attractive to them. And, certainly, you can do many things inside the house to help your odds, including providing a good kitchen and having sufficient bedrooms and bathrooms.

    3 Mistakes To Avoid When Trimming Your Tree

    When it comes to trimming your trees, chances are you are doing it because you want to keep the tree healthy and encourage attractive growth. Unfortunately, there are some common mistakes homeowners often make when tackling this chore themselves. The following are a few things to avoid if you are planning to trim your trees. #1: Pruning in the wrong season Although you can usually do very light pruning or removals of damaged branches at any time of year, heavy pruning is usually reserved for late winter.

    Tips For Removing A Tree Without Harming Nearby Trees

    A dead, diseased, or damaged tree is a hazard in your yard that necessitates removal. It can be challenging, though, when there are other healthy trees growing nearby that you don't want removed. Taking down the problem tree without damaging the others requires some finesse. The following tips can help. Tip #1: Plan to limb the tree One of the biggest dangers to other trees is that they may become entangled in the branches of the tree that is coming down, which may lead to major damage to their healthy branches.

    Considerations When Planning Hardscaping Layouts, Materials, And Features

    When you remodel your yard, you'll have to take the hardscaping, or the non-plant and dirt features of the yard, into just as much consideration as you would the plant life. Each bit of hardscaping, from pathways to benches to stone bed borders, has a big effect on how you use the yard. At first, you'll likely concentrate on how the hardscaping looks, but as you continue to redesign your yard, start to take these other issues into consideration.

    4 Signs Your Outdoor Crops Need a Drip Irrigation System

    A drip irrigation system, also called a trickle irrigation network, makes it easy for you to produce healthy crops. They system distributes water throughout your backyard or across multiple fields by sending water to the roots of your plants rather than spraying their leaves. This keeps soil dry and helps prevent approximately 170 varieties of disease-causing bacteria from breeding. Before you get excited about the benefits of an irrigation installation, you might be wondering if you're a good candidate for one.

    Child Have ADHD? Reduce Their Symptoms By Planting A Garden To Attract Butterflies

    According to research, children with ADHD have a reduction in the symptoms of impulsivity, hyperactivity, and inattention when they are exposed to nature on a regular basis. But, it can be difficult in today's hustle and bustle society to get your children outside and in nature on a regular basis, right? After all, there's more to being exposed to nature than simply being outside. Fortunately, you can bring nature right to your backyard by growing a butterfly garden.

    4 Interesting Types of Fish to Stock Your Decorative Pond With

    Pond owners tend to go straight for the koi and fancy goldfish when stocking their newly established freshwater space. Although these fish are easy to care for, and quite flashy, you can invest in alternate species to create a unique pond environment for your landscape design. Nearly any freshwater fish accustomed to cold water can thrive in a pond habitat. However, you can't simply transplant fish from local waterways into your pond.