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Improving Your Home Landscaping

Few things are more frustrating than a messy front yard. In addition to disrupting your curb appeal, overgrown, messy landscaping can also harbor pests and make it look like you don't care about your property. Fortunately, tidying up your yard doesn't have to be difficult. I have spent years learning more about landscaping, and this blog is all about how to become a landscaping enthusiast. Check out these articles about fun topics like planting flowers, perfecting pruned trees, and decorating your yard with whimsical additions. After you know more about landscaping, your yard might become the talk of the town.


Improving Your Home Landscaping

    3 Low-Maintenance Landscaping Options

    Creating a low-maintenance lawn or yard for your property can often be a great idea for any individual that is not physically up to doing a lot of yard work or that simply does not enjoy lawn or yard work. Listed below are three low-maintenance landscaping options that can help you cut down on the amount of time you spend working on your yard. Consider Grass Varieties That Grow Slowly

    Creating A Great Environment For Bees

    Bee populations were declining at a rapid rate recently. Luckily, with more and more people stepping up to help increase populations, bees are no longer in danger of becoming a thing of the past. That doesn't mean the work is done, though. Learn how you can contribute by utilizing local landscaping services next season.  Climate Bees can survive in just about any climate but the polar regions. However, bees work best in temperature between 57 degrees and 100 degrees.

    Four Reasons You Need To Install A Sprinkler System In Your Yard

    Sprinkler systems are designed to save you time and keep your grass green and beautiful all year round. However, it's an investment that isn't for everyone. Here are four reasons it's definitely one worth considering for you: You Don't Have Time: As someone who works full-time, you probably don't have time to water your grass. When you install a sprinkler system, you can be sure your grass is getting watered every day to stay green and such without it taking any time out of you.

    3 Benefits To Having Plants In Your Office

    You want for your office to look nice, so you do what you can to make sure that it's an inviting place for your clients to come in and do business in. There are several things that you can do so that you can create that atmosphere. One of the things you can do is to have plants in your office. There are a lot of benefits to having plants in your office, such as:

    Tips For Designing A Four Season Yard

    A beautiful yard isn't just for the warmer seasons. With some advance planning, you can create a four-season landscape that looks lovely no matter the time of year. The following tips can help you develop a landscape design you will love: Tip #1: Take advantage of hardscaping Hardscaping refers to any permanent "hard" features, like sidewalks, retaining walls, statuary, and structures. The beauty of hardscaping is not seasonal. By adding low walls and some benches, your lawn will have depth even when most of the plants are dormant in winter.

    Eliminate Fire Ants And Mounds And Plant A Grass Seed And Fertilizer Mixture

    If fire ant mounds are dispersed throughout the front of your yard, eliminating each colony of ants and destroying the homes will help prevent you from being bitten by ants when you go outdoors. The following steps will teach you how to treat the ants, remove the mounds, prepare the soil, and plant grass seed in bare spots on your property. Materials Needed rubber gloves long pants plastic sheeting fire ant granules large shovel hoe rake seed spreading machine fertilizer grass seed watering can garden hose nozzle Administer Pesticide And Break Up Mounds

    3 Signs You Need To Have A Tree Removed

    Having trees on your property can have several benefits. They provide a great deal of shade and privacy, and they are also very beautiful to look at. However, there are some cases in which the trees on your property may need to be removed. This article will discuss 3 signs that you need to the help of tree removal services: It Hangs Over Your Roof If you have a tree that has grown so large that it actually hangs over your roof, this may be an issue for you.

    Four Exciting Ways To Add More Non-Greenery To Your Landscape

    When you think of landscaping, the first thing that comes to mind is probably lots of green bushes, flowers, and trees. But landscaping is not just about the greenery. You need some non-greenery to balance it all out! If your landscape is looking a bit heavy on the greenery, here are some exciting ways to add more non-greenery to the space. Build a Boulder Wall Consider building a wall with a few large boulders down on side of your property or even to one side of your grilling space.