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Improving Your Home Landscaping

Few things are more frustrating than a messy front yard. In addition to disrupting your curb appeal, overgrown, messy landscaping can also harbor pests and make it look like you don't care about your property. Fortunately, tidying up your yard doesn't have to be difficult. I have spent years learning more about landscaping, and this blog is all about how to become a landscaping enthusiast. Check out these articles about fun topics like planting flowers, perfecting pruned trees, and decorating your yard with whimsical additions. After you know more about landscaping, your yard might become the talk of the town.


Improving Your Home Landscaping

    Tips To Assist With Cleaning Your Brick Home's Exterior

    If you live in a brick home and grass clippings, mud, and other materials have stained portions of your home's exterior, improve the appearance of your residence by completing the steps below. Afterward, maintain the cleanliness of the bricks by occasionally removing dirty substance from each one's exterior. Supplies ladder safety harness broom long-handled scrub brush (stiff bristles) plastic sheeting gas or electric-powered pressure washer detergent water hose oxygenated bleach Eliminate Loose Debris And Prepare A Cleaning Solution

    Tips For Installing A Cottage Garden

    A cottage garden evokes charming images of a profusion of plants. The combination of traditional flowers and leafy greenery creates a romantic atmosphere. You don't have to transform your whole yard into a cottage garden – you could get the same effect with a pretty planting bed. Develop a quaint cottage mini garden that makes guests feel right at home. Choose the Location A cottage garden typically features plants that require at least some sun.

    Avoiding Root Rot By Spreading Mulch Properly

    Mulch is a powerful growing tool that can help increase the spread and growth of a variety of different plants and trees. Unfortunately, it can also cause a problem known as root rot. Here is how homeowners can spread mulch properly to avoid this disease. What Is Root Rot? Root rot is a disease that affects just about any plant or tree and will quickly cause it irreparable damage. Once it starts, it will quickly spread across plants and trees in a garden and devastate as many as possible.

    Beautiful Stack Stoned Wall To Enhance Your Landscaping

    A retaining wall is a necessity to tame a slope, making flat places for walking and landscaping while preventing soil erosion. However, that doesn't mean you must have a utilitarian wall installed. A stacked stone wall can be a beautiful addition to your yard. Have contractors build a stone wall to tame your slope and enhance your landscaping. Stacked Stone Basics Essentially there are two types of stacked stone walls. The first is the traditional dry stone construction.

    A Guide To Saving Time On Eventual Repairs Or Maintenance Of Your Commercial Irrigation System

    If you're interested in having a new commercial irrigation system installed, but worry about the cost of maintenance or repairs in the future, it's important to remember that there are steps that your landscaper can take at the time the unit is put in to make those later efforts simpler. For instance, in-ground valves can be protected by a box, to diminish the need for repairs and make it easier to access those valves in the future.

    Hate Mowing The Lawn? 5 Tricks To Save Money And Time Cutting Your Grass

    Do you love a nice, green lawn but hate the work it takes to keep it that way? The good news is that there are several ways to make it easier to keep your lawn trimmed and beautiful. Here are 5 tips anyone can use. Keep it Curvy. The more times that you (or someone you pay) has to stop the mower to re-position it, the longer it will take to finish.

    2 Signs Your Irrigation System Is Not Functioning Correctly

    Maintaining your home's curb appeal requires a good amount of time and energy in your yard. From trimming shrubs and mowing the lawn to replacing mulch that has washed away, these tasks will keep your landscape design in great shape. If you are fortunate enough to have an irrigation system, you may feel your yard will take care of itself. However, that is not the case, since problems with your sprinklers can lead to water waste, expensive water bills, and damage to your lawn, flowers, shrubs, and trees.

    Three Pruning Tool Mistakes To Avoid

    One of the key components to properly pruning your trees is having the right tools and knowing how to use them. Otherwise, even a well placed cut can damage the tree or invite pests and disease infestation. Knowing what mistakes to avoid can help you trim properly Mistake #1: Using the same tool for all types of pruning Not all pruning tools are the right tool for the job. For more small pruning jobs you only need two tools – a pair of bypass shears and a small pruning saw.